The Physio Clinic - Our Team Physiotherapy; Sports Massage; Acupuncture; Hydrotherapy and Respiratory Physiotherapy at Bannatyne's Health Club, Tamworth.

The Physio Clinic - Services


We treat all musculoskeletal conditions from sports injuries through to chronic degenerative conditions. Common conditions treated:

• Low back pain
• Sciatica
• Cervical spondylosis
• Neck pain
• Rotator cuff injuries
• Frozen Shoulder
• Tennis elbow
• Trochanteric bursitis
• Osteoarthritis
• Shoulder impingement/bursitis
• Thoracic spine pain
• Tendon injuries
• Achilles tendinopathy
• Muscle tears
• Ligament injuries
• Cartilage damage in the Knee
• Patello-femoral pain
• ACL injuries/rehab
• Ankle sprains
• Foot related problems
• Stress fractures
• Lower limb injuries relating to running
• Rehabilitation follow surgery
• Rehabilitation from Road traffic accidents
• Carpal Tunnel syndrome
• Repetitive strain injuries of the wrist

And many more….

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Your initial consultation will be approximately 45 minutes. This will involve the Physiotherapist taking a detailed history from you regarding the condition. This will then inform an examination of the injured area, enabling an accurate diagnosis to be reached. Following this an appropriate treatment plan will be discussed with the patient, including expected time scales for resolution or management of the condition. The initial assessment will also include treatment, home exercises and advice to help improve the speed of recovery. If appropriate, onward referral to a consultant, GP or other health professional can be arranged.

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Follow up treatments:

Approximately 45mins.

We will monitor progress between treatment sessions. Treatment techniques and rehabilitation programs will be tailored to suit the individual’s needs and specific condition, as it progresses. This may include any of the following treatments:

Dry Needling
Soft Tissue and joint Mobilisations
Ultrasound therapy
Interferential therapy
Prescribed strength and conditioning programs
Functional rehabilitation
Core Stability exercises
Gait analysis and biomechanical assessments
Orthotic insoles
Posture correction advice and exercise


Sports Massage

Proven to help post exercise recovery and help to prevent unwanted tightness and injuries developing.

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Used to help with pain relief, to stimulate the healing process and loosen tight tissue.

Specialist Running injury clinics

Tom provides injury assessment and advice specifically for runners and athletes. Having worked with international athletes at Birmingham and Loughborough Universities, Tom has extensive experience of treating running related injuries. Having competed for England as a runner he also understands the demands of training and has suffered most of the injuries himself!


We provide Hydrotherapy in the pool to help ease the pressure on joints and allow movement and strengthening in a supported environment. We use it particular with rehabilitation following lower limb surgery, following accidents or with degenerative conditions.

Occupational Health

We provide education and seminars to companies to help reduce time off work amongst their employees due to injury. We offer work station assessments and solutions and can rehabilitate injured employers to help them return to work. We work closely with our clients to make our interventions as tailored as possible to their work forces needs.

Respiratory Physiotherapy

We have a specialist trained Respiratory Physiotherapist who specialises in treating patients with chronic lung disease and breathing related problems. She would carry out a detailed assessment and give advice and education around managing the condition and run through breathing exercises and prescribed exercises. She would also be able to review medications and refer to your GP to optimise your care where required.